JANE The fiery, lively up sometimes extravagant and very seductive girl who likes great plans. She likes to make connections, particularly with the male part of the population, likes to show her temperament and loves to be courted, spoiled and loved by men. In interpersonal relationships she is popular and easily arranges trust and respect. She is adaptable, if things have sense. In the whiteness matters she is absolutely reliable and able to intuit what her counterpart needs. She willl play with you like a cat with a mouse. She is full of eroticism, passion and imagination and is artistically talented. She can indulge herself to every game and shamelessly show what is in her. She loves crazy changes, surprises and flirt, and also her freedom and rules of the game of love. Communicating with her doesn lack boredom. She has a great gift to convey to others what they secretly expect. 



30 MIN - 450 TL

45 MIN - 550  TL 

1 H - 650 TL 

1,5 H - 900 TL 

2 H - 1200 TL 

3 H - 1600 Tl 




A-LEVEL - 400 TL

CIM - CIF - 100 TL